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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]


Apparently Gary Oldham is strolling around my neighborhood. smoking.

No, I'm not rushing out to see him, and, frankly, this particular neighborhood makes a nice movie set, so it's not exactly a shock. But. :)


Oooooooo, drool at him for me, won't you? Just a teeny bit? Thank you SO MUCH!

I didn't see him. One of the agents did. I spend the day chained to desk.

Not that I'd recognize him if I did see him. Not good with the facial recognition.

Otherwise, yes, there would be droolage.

Step by step instructions

Step one: Take out a camera. Can be digital or 35 mm ... so long as there is either memory space or film.

Step two: Snap as many pictures as you can. Darting from brush to lamp post or other form of concealment is okay, so long as you don't get caught and your film confiscated.

Step three: EMAIL THEM TO ME A.S.A.P.!!!!!

Oh. And Step four: once you have the pictures safely taken and the camera hidden away, drool on him for me, too ...

Re: Step by step instructions

I spend my workdays chained to a telephone. Not seeing the oh, so pretty actors.

I wish I had seen him, though. Drooling. Yeah.

Now I'm curious what the project might be . . .

Well, it's probably a film called Zodiac about the Zodiac serial killer. I suppose it's possible that it's OOTP; your neighborhood would probably be a good one for Sirius' house.

Park Slope? Not nearly decaying enough for Grimmauld Place. Also, don't they film the Potter films entirely in Great Britain?

The other movie, though - I would NOT be surprised.