Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Doctor's appointment

I weigh 200 lbs. Which is what I always weigh, so that's what it is.

My bp is up. I'm not surprised; neither am I happy. It's been trending up.

I had my A1C levels taken, but I won't know for a week. I also had an ECG.

I've been given a new cholesterol med, Zivitex. One small pill, not six large ones.

As for my hands - I've been referred to a physiatrist - a "rehab doctor". Appointment is 9AM two weeks from Wednesday. However, he said I described "classic carpal tunnel", and didn't seem worried about diabetic neuropathy.

And he offered to give me a scrip for Motrin for the monster cramps I'm currently having. (These are the times that try women's bodies.)

ECG was interesting - the technician came in and told me I had to take off my shirt and bra and put on a paper drape across my chest. Now, I'd already dressed to make this easier - a t-shirt under a denim shirt to make taking blood pressure and blood easier. But, oh well. Off came shirts and bra and I covered up with the drape. And when she returned, it turned out I had to take off my tights, too.

So there I am on the table, wearing electrodes, a paper drape, a skirt and a scarf. :)

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