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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
More medical stuff

I said my blood pressure was high, which it is.

I'm now on a diuretic.

(And I'm also taking kadymae's advice because what could it hurt? And I like Zingers.)


About that blood pressure, want to share? I'm perpetually hypotensive, to the point of having dizzy spells.


Trust me, I'll take those meds when I get the scrip filled.

80/50. Really, if we split the difference it would work out well.


150/100. And it wasn't even a shock.

Way, way, way too high. I'm about the age my mom was when she started taking blood pressure meds. I became diabetic earlier, but I had the whole thing with my dad's, well. Death. And my mother weighs less and is taller than I am. She also had kids, which means her ovaries worked. Unlike mine.

I'm in good shape - I have three hours of martial arts a week, I walk practically everywhere and I have good eating habits. But I'm also 42 years old, 200 lbs, insulin resistant and my genes aren't great.

So I'll get my pills and I'll try to eat more vegetables, which is my big failing dietwise.

I started on BP meds at about your age. Was able to get off them later after significant weight loss (that is not guaranteed, though). Which might alleviate your insulin problems, too - as comments you've made indicate you're well aware.

I find it a perpetual struggle, at which I sometimes do better than others.

Good luck


yes. veggies good. eat lots.

esp. leafy greens. not because of health, but because leafy greens are TASTY.

mmm kale! chard! spinach!

...maybe that's just me. :)

that was me. stupid autologout.

Okay. Other than, you know. Sauteing them with olive oil and garlic (which YUM!), got any cooking ideas?

Best to be vegan.

Vegan I'm a bit limited on, but I have faith in your ability to adapt the type of things I do...most of them shouldn't be problematic.

warm salads are something I do a lot of, and with tender greens (like baby spinach, arugula, dandelion & sunflower greens), fresh salads.

(I am growing sunflower greens this year. very exciting!)

I also put them into Italian-style casseroles (so a veggie lasagna stuffed full of spinach - sometimes I replace as much as half the cheese with spinach!)

Chop them and toss them into chicken soup a few minutes before serving, spinach & lentils (like spinach dal, spinach with black-eyed peas, or channa saag), spinach frittata. spinach and tomatoes...mmmm. I like also to have kind of a chicken-or-steak-strips-and-spinach thing, spiced however i feel like - brown the meat, add strips of onion, add chopped greens, add a little broth or water and whatever spices & cook until done.


take care of yourself

Take care! *Sending healing thoughts your way*

I was sad when I started on bp meds with the frustration of knowing I'd have to take a pill daily for the rest of my days (barring major weight loss, which is not a guarantee of getting off meds, either).

I hope the diuretic works well for you (I've had to switch when one stopped working).