Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Ribbit Ribbit

I currently sound like a frog. I'm also kinda wired on Sudafed after a night -

Well, having a cold is not fun. It seems to have settled in my chest (better than my sinuses!) so I spent part of last night coughing loudly. I also drank hibiscus tea, which is a diuretic, so lots of trips to the bathroom,too.

And I got cold despite flannel nightgown and warm comforter. So I kinda pulled on the first shirtlike thing I could find. Which turned out to be the velour dress I use as a Shabbos robe. Which worked just fine - I got warm enough to take it off a couple hours later.

jonbaker is NOT a diabetic but he is a bit of a hypochondriac *and* he is hypoglycemic (otherwise, he bears no resemblance to Rodney McKay. Except, you know. Brilliant and geeky. But otherwise, not.) So he has a blood sugar testing kit. And he tested my blood sugar, and it was on the high side, despite a night of fasting. But fasting actually raises it, apparently, and being sick raises it. So...who knows? I'll find out on Sunday.

But if I *do* need to monitor my blood sugar, I'm getting one of the new models that use less blood.

Meanwhile. I sound like a frog. Ribbit, Ribbit.

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