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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Ribbit Ribbit

I currently sound like a frog. I'm also kinda wired on Sudafed after a night -

Well, having a cold is not fun. It seems to have settled in my chest (better than my sinuses!) so I spent part of last night coughing loudly. I also drank hibiscus tea, which is a diuretic, so lots of trips to the bathroom,too.

And I got cold despite flannel nightgown and warm comforter. So I kinda pulled on the first shirtlike thing I could find. Which turned out to be the velour dress I use as a Shabbos robe. Which worked just fine - I got warm enough to take it off a couple hours later.

jonbaker is NOT a diabetic but he is a bit of a hypochondriac *and* he is hypoglycemic (otherwise, he bears no resemblance to Rodney McKay. Except, you know. Brilliant and geeky. But otherwise, not.) So he has a blood sugar testing kit. And he tested my blood sugar, and it was on the high side, despite a night of fasting. But fasting actually raises it, apparently, and being sick raises it. So...who knows? I'll find out on Sunday.

But if I *do* need to monitor my blood sugar, I'm getting one of the new models that use less blood.

Meanwhile. I sound like a frog. Ribbit, Ribbit.


Feel better soon!

Get better soon, dear!

Yeah, something has been going around. I've been on and off ribbiting for the past few weeks. Mostly on.

The worst part of is I can't really do my evil laugh(tm) when my voice is like this!

Fasting does, in fact, raise your sugar. It causes your body to go into starvation panic mode. I found that out in the one diabetes education class I made it to (out of a series of four. I too am a Very Bad Diabetic (tm).)