Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I've been meme-tagged

By kressel

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. The green of a summer's day
2. The perfect blue of a September sky.
3. The smell of food in preparation.
4. A pistachio nut that's hard, green and sweet.
5. Hugging my husband.
6. Breathing (a big deal with this cold)
7.The feel of velvet
8. A long, hot shower after exercise
9. The quiet right after lighting Shabbos candles
10. The taste of a fresh cup of coffee

Taggings - No one is to consider this an obligation. jacquez, maya_a, rynia, filkerdave, cara_chapel, pumagrrl, mamoru, fernwithy, mari4212 and furiosity.

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