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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
All the cool kids...

I'm morally certain that lj will be up and running when I return tomorrow night at 6:40EST.

But, hey. If we need to retreat to GreatestJournal - I'm Mamadeb there, too.


hey, I just friended you over there, where I am lolaraincoat, same as always.

Huh? Was something going on that I didn't know about?


LJ had a scheduled maintenance downtime Friday night. Last time that happened, LJ was out for about 24 hours, thus causing widespread, um, whining and migration to greatestjournal and other such disasters.

However, it was also on a Shabbat, so we didn't notice much.

In this case, the downtime went as planned, and LJ was back up in a matter of hours. Or so I've gathered, given that, well. Friday night. :)