Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I have a bunch of excuses, but that doesn't change the fact that Tuesday is Purim, so I had to do stuff today.

We're going to friends for the Purim seudah (festive meal), so that's taken care of - thank goodness - and our synagogue has a gift exchange program, so our friends there are also taken care of.

But. We still have to give mishloach manot. It's a requirement, and the shul thing doesn't cover it.

I just bought hamentaschen, pretzels, candy, fruit and rugelach, plus bags and one large basket. I'll spend Monday night post-megillah reading filling sandwich bags and then gift bags for about six families. The basket gets more stuff and goes to work with me on Tuesday.

The stores are crowded with people buying nosh and containers and baking needs. Even so, I felt very funny - jonbaker wanted tuna casserole for dinner. That means a cheese sauce, and that means I needed flour. Can you imagine? Two days before Purim, and I bought *flour*.

I need to use up two lbs of white flour in the next two weeks or so. Edit: I don't do sugar. I don't normally do white flour but it thickens sauces better. I don't like baking. However, I will be willing to make a sufficiently large batch of cookies and take them to my office - but only *once* and I'm NOT taking my mixer out of storage where it live.
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