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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Purim Torah Annual Reposting

It's that time of year again. :)

Warning - this does have adult themes.

Purim Torah.


That was definitely a different take on a well known story :)

This always makes me laugh. Fanfiction = midrash, indeed!

Warning - this does have adult themes.

Apparently. The hyper-active filters at work blocked it with a claim of pornography. When I get home I'll see what the fuss was about. :-)

Wow, that's impressive. The language is suggestive but not outright naughty, and yet the work filters blocked it as pornography. I wonder what triggered that.

Could it be my website in general?

Apparently. I tried the base URL and got the same blockage: my corporate overlords think yours is a porn site. 'Cause everyone knows about all the porn in your Jewish essays, I guess. Whee!

It *is* a porn site.

Haven't you read my stories?

I've only read the Purim story so far. It's suggestive, it's adult, maybe it's porn (about as much as a Harlequin romance, not hardcore), but certainly not the "smut" variety of porn.

But the filter blocked the main page, so either they crawl entire sites and apply the same decision to every page on it, or some human being has inspected your site and deemed it porn. You're not exactly Yahoo; I would have figured you'd be below their radar for that. And if they bar entire sites based on some aggregate evaluation of the whole site, what do they do with universities and service providers, where large numbers of individuals have highly-varied web pages?

If you click on the "fan fiction" link on the main page, it'll send you to a page warning of adult material. That could be it.

My fanfiction runs the gamut from G-rated to highly explicit and even detailed - some stories demand one, some the other. So, it actually makes sense that it's walled off.