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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
More medical stuff below the cut

I'm *not* dizzy right now. And I'm trying to think what's different about today. One is that I ate something for breakfast - a piece of Wasa bread and some peanut butter. Another is that I took a hot shower, which steam-cleaned my sinuses.

There's also less tension about the office.

I did eat lunch just now.

I had just as much coffee today as yesterday.

Still, something to bring up with doctor/nutritionist tomorrow.

And. I think I might be getting arthritis. The joints in two of my fingers hurt, and they feel swollen in one. And if I bang those fingers, even slightly, OW.

Because, you know. I don't use my hands except for all day long...


Feel better soon!

Thank you!

So, I haven't been following whatever's going on, but where do you live and do you need the name of a good gastroenterologist?

I'm taking new meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol, and I'm reacting funny.

I'm seeing my doctor on Thursday.

Ah, so, side effects. Okay, good luck, refuah shlemah.

The short story is that one day I woke up so dizzy it took me 45 minutes to exit the bed. The culprit, per my doctor, was the extra large dr. pepper I'd had the night before. He called the condition labyrinthitis. The upshot was that I needed to not intake large amounts of sugar, salt, or caffeine which he told me could bring on dizziness. Good luck with your health.


Yeah, that would do it.

I limit salt, avoid sugar and have no more than two-three widely spaced cups of coffee a day. I think it's the meds.

I hope everything is easily solvable and that you're feeling better soon.