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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Food diary March 17

NotSoGIP! I'll update this during the day, I think.

It really was. I'm allowed 1 carb, 1 meat, 1 milk, 1 fruit and 1 fat for breakfast. My mother-in-law assures me I can have a fruit instead of a carb (fruits being carbs) if I choose. Which will make Shabbos and Yom tov much easier.

1/4 cup 1% cottage cheese (1 "meat" ) and
3/4 cup plain nonfat yogurt (1 milk) mixed together with some cinnamon.
1.5 whole wheat crisp breads (1 carb)
1/2 red grapefruit (1 fruit)
1 tsp butter (1 fat)

Whole thing was 300 calories and 40 carbs. It took me time to eat. I never eat breakfast.

I think I'm eating more....

2 slices rye bread (2 starch), 2 oz grilled pepper salami (2 meat), 1 cup Israel salad (1 veg/1 fat), 1 small pear (1 fruit). Still not much with the milk.

500 calories, 69 carbs.


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I'm hungry

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You want <i>one</i> answer?

I'd have preferred checkboxes to radio buttons. I'd have checked all of them.

You don't care if people find this by googling "I never eat breakfast"? Go nuts! Public is fine.

You want to keep it off the search engines but don't really feel all that private about it? Friends-lock it. I'd suggest this because of the possibility of being nastily surprised by data-mining some day. Do you really want to be aggressively transparent? Like being a male with long hair in the 1960s, it's a political and social statement that could have consequences. It's hard to say what they might be, but prediction is difficult, especially about the future.

You want to restrict it to people who have expressed an interest or keep something it it from being too public? Use a filter. Of course, that requires the work of maintaining a group, which might be more than this is worth.

You want to keep track of it purely for your own edification? Private.

If it's public or friends-locked, aggressive cut-tagging minimizes the annoyance of finding irrelevant drivel in one's friends aggregator. And face it, everything is annoying drivel some of the time, like when you are looking for something else.

If it's opt-in, you might have fewer readers if you don't cut. It depends on your audience. Can you make your menus gripping? Is it worth the effort?

If it's private, your own friends page is the only place you'd ever see a cut tag. Do you care?

Re: You want <i>one</i> answer?

I honestly just don't want to bore people - but I know if I'm public, I'm less likely to cheat.

Given how the poll has gone...I'm cut-tagging public posts. (I figure *anything* on LJ is transparent, really.)