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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I swear I'm not trying to over do it.

Okay, I looked at the vote.

I'm keeping this public and cut-tagged.

I'm eating everything they say I should eat, but I got this neat set of programs called "Diabetes Pilot" which works on my Palm and my desktop, which is very useful indeed. (I also put my meal plan onto my pilot on a spread sheet. Makes life much easier.)

And I've been duly entering everything I've eaten in the proportions I'm supposed t o have. And yesterday, I ate 1338 calories and 156 carbs, and today I ate 1139 calories and 155 carbs. And I'm not trying to skimp or eat less. Really.

But I'm supposed to be eating 1500 cals and 195 carbs.

Something's off. Maybe the measurements. I don't know. I'm sure I'm eating more of each, you know? Or maybe it's the milk. I don't know.

Anyway, today was the same breakfast as before - yogurt and cottage cheese and crackers and fruit, and everything else was variations on a theme of Shabbos dinner, including tonight's dinner = chicken, veg, rice, salad, fruit. I need to keep more fruit in the house.

On the other hand, Jonathan? Is thrilled. He's getting fruit and salad with his meals, too. So maybe he'll be eating healthier, too.

Tomorrow, I get the glucometer. I'm keeping everyone's advice in mind.


You'd asked about dairy, and I just found my plan - only milk, buttermilk, and yogurt. I split mine between milk in coffee and plain skim yogurt with frozen fruit (microwaved). Not a lot of options there, unfortunately.

They just don't keep non-standard diets in mind.

I'll figure it all out.

Good luck with whatever you're trying to do.

For the milk, are you looking for a non-dairy milk substitute? My partner is allergic to dairy and she buys soy yogurt. The kind we buy, Whole Soy, is OU parve. I use it as a yogurt or milk substitute in fleishig dishes. It has good calcium content as well.

I don't pretend to know much about diabetes, but if your concern is getting nutrients and all of your calories in the exact amount you want, the way to go is Ensure. It's not actually terrible (it tastes a lot like chocolate milk, if a little metallic) and it's designed for not specifically diabetes, but people trying to manage their calories/protein/nutrients for whatever reason. It "contains milk products" (It's dairy) but those dairy products are using lactaid milk and are minimal to the actual product.

Oh, and it doesn't require a bracha. I checked.

How could it possibly not require a bracha?

Purely medicinal items, even if they provide some pleasure from taste, do not require a bracha. For example, if you've already had a bottle of water to quench your thirst, but you're living in Israel and your doctor says you need a second bottle later in the morning, the second bottle does NOT require a bracha unelss you are thirsty when you drink it.

Obviously liquid medicines, like pepto-bismal and cough syrup, don't require brachas. You'd think it's because they're not food, but they DO provide some nourishment, may quench your thirst, and you may enjoy the flavor, so they fit into a certain category similar to food. So, no bracha.

I was curious about the Ensure when I started drinking it regularly, so I asked a rabbi and got a ruling. No bracha for Ensure.

My rabbi rules differently on Ensure, but I understand your rabbi's logic. I would not classify Ensure as purely medicinal, which might be where the disconnect is for me.

And the beauty of Judaism is that you get one ruling from a rabbi, I get another ruling from a rabbi, and we're BOTH right.

Oh yes. I wasn't trying to imply that your rabbi was incorrect! I just thought it was an interesting difference.

Are you supposed to eat specific foods together (or at certain times), or can you just move the milk to breakfast or some other time when you aren't eating/haven't eaten meat?

I'm kinda hoping the latter.

I only wait an hour between meat and milk, so I could have, say, a cup of low-carb yogurt in the middle of the afternoon even if I have meat for lunch. It's carbs no matter what, and I'd rather do that than fruit or milk. I'm going to try it tat way.