Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Panic time (Or less so, now.)

244. An hour after a balanced lunch according to my diet plan.

I called my doctor and he answered the phone. And he's giving me glucophage (low doses because the first time I took it, I was nauseated.) And he's worried, too.

But he's still confident I can stay off insulin. Just need to lose weight.

And the drugs will help, he says.

1. jonbaker contacted a friend of his who is very active in this field. He's one of the developers of the insulin pump - and an early adopter. He said I shouldn't panic. That one needs a BG level of 500 before they look at insulin. And that for the next three days, I should test fairly often just to establish a baseline - just before meals, and two and three hours after.

2. I tested as soon as I came home, and it's back to 160. BTW - I got the One Touch Ultra, and it's been very easy to use. Thank you all for that.
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