Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Food Diary

Dinner: 1/2 chicken breast, pan-grilled with blackened steak seasoning (3 oz0
2 oz sweet potato
1tsp margarine
1 cup cooked broccoli
took Glyset

After dinner snack - five almonds
BG 2 hours post dinner: 161

Morning BG : 160
Breakfast: 1/2 cup cottage cheese
3/4 cup low fat plain yogurt
1 small orange
also 1 glyset, 1 500 mg metfornin

BG 2 hours post breakfast: 176

Currently, I'm feeling somewhat hungry, and maybe just a touch nauseated, but not enough to make it hard to concentrate or be nice or any of that.

I've also realized that in two weeks, I jumped from one pill every couple of days or so (for my contact dermatitis and seasonal allergies) to 7 or 8 daily. Sheesh. And I'm going to run out of fingers. My poor hands. :)

Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better. I can't thank you people enough.

BG level: 126 (yay!)
2 oz turkey
1 slices rye bread
1 cup green salad

Still hungry, but that will pass.

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