Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

American Idol

Yeah, well, I watched it.

I have two things, really.

1. I love Barry Manilow. I admit it freely. I was, after all, a teenager in late-seventies New Jersey. But, see, he deserved our love. He wrote songs people could sing or dance to, or cry to, or whatever. He understood, and understands his fanbase, and when he performs, he knows it's for the audience, not for him. Which is why he totally disarms people who go to see him just to snark. And, okay, I turn back into that teenager when I see him. And it's clear he not only knows how to do it himself, he also knows how to teach it, because in the clips they showed last night, he was *teaching*.

2. Mandisa's dress. It was - perfect. She's a big lady, and she's somewhat out of proportion, with her upper half smaller than her lower one, so she needs to create the illusion of balance. That dress did it well - simple, simple black dress except that the sleeves were only fastened at a couple of points on her shoulders and arms (no, not modest.) This placed a greater emphasis on her lighter colored arms, while de-emphasizing her lower half, and it worked elegantly. She looked gorgeous in it.

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