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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Sometimes, you hit the mark

It's under foodporn because it's...well, it's something I'd serve anyone.

My mother-in-law calls this a meat scramble. It can be called a western stirfry, or just a meat and veg saute.

It's as versatile as a curry or a stir-fry, and as fast and easy. Tonight, it was ground turkey with onions and fresh tomato. I browned a pound of ground turkey in a non-stick Pammed pan, and put it aside. I then saute'd one large bermuda onion and one large ripe tomato, both chopped coarsely, and with the juice and seeds still in the tomato. As they cooked, I added a good grinding of fresh pepper and a shot of balsamic vinegar. When the onions were transparent, I added the turkey back in and combined the two.

I served it over plain noodles (2/3 cup, as permitted on my diet), alongside fresh spinach cooked with a touch of oil and a lot of garlic.

(And my BG was 152.)