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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Okay, you have to know this. I *hate* cutsey-poo things. I really do.

And this, to me, is really cutsey-poo. I know some of you will disagree, and maybe think it's lovely. I just. Ick.

My brother-in-law's future sister-in-law just sent us a square of fabric to decorate to be part of a personalized chuppah (wedding canopy.) She thinks it'll be great because she had a girlfriend who did this.

And - my goodness. How *twee.*

And, well. We were hoping they'd use the same chuppah we did.

Their grandfather's tallis. You know. Family. Continuity. Tradition - something that will be sadly missing from this wedding otherwise. We haven't suggested it, of course.

It *is* their wedding and they have the right to decide what to use.

Except - they will now HAVE to use this chuppah because it'll be made by all their friends and family. Whether they want to or not. And. Foo.

Edit: M does know about it - he told Jonathan they were going to do what he called an "AIDS quilt" sort of thing, but Jonathan didn't realize it would include us, so he never said. So. Well. And he doesn't think it's so bad, either.


We're dealing with a number of factors. One is that J's family is very acrimonious, so she had to figure out who would attend with whom. Her parents are *both* out, which is sad.

Another is that M and J are in their thirties, and as such want to bear the expense of the wedding themselves. The problem is that they haven't figured on how much it will cost the rest of us to get there. As we're the only shomer shabbat people, we're the only ones who'll have the extra expense of Friday and Saturday night.

They have been offered very pretty and fairly inexpensive places closer to New York City, but M wants this. He has that right. Unfortunately, we don't have a choice - Jonathan really wants to see his brother married.

The other bit is that M has tremendous driving stamina and doesn't seem to realize that the rest of us don't.