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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Knowledge is a calming thing

One of the first things I did, knowing who and what I am, was find and download a diabetes monitoring program that coordinates between my desktop and my pda.

I knew that entering the data (the food I've eaten, the exercise, the blood glucose readings) into electronic form would be motivating and interesting, and that was why I did it. And it has been.

What I didn't know was that it would also make things less stressful. I take a reading, say, and it looks high. "It's never been this high at this point," I think. And then I enter it into the pda and have the program tell me what my other readings have been this time of day. And I can see it's the same or in the same category or even *lower* than other readings and I feel better. I can't keep track of all this in my head, so it helps. (My glucometer, like all of them these days, records readings as well, so I can check back on Shabbat. I can take readings on Shabbat - I just can't record them myself.)

And I get to play with what and how the information is repeated, and see graphs and...it helps a lot.


That does sound incredibly useful; I'm glad that it's also reassuring.

And of *course* you can use the glucometer over Shabbat; it would seriously impact your health and could shorten your life if you couldn't.

It's not nearly so cut and dried as that. If I used insulin, it would absolutely be, and I could carry it even without an eruv. I'm not sure I'd be able to once I get things under control, since we would no longer need the data, which we do now.

Tried emailing you at the email listed on your info page and it came back... have an alternative?

that should work.

debra dot baker three at verizon dot net