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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Inch by inch

Every day, the BG is trending lower. I can see it in that program. This morning's prebreakfast/fasting one was 116, which is the lowest it's been - I have a couple of lower ones, but at a different part of the day. I'm feeling vaguely nauseated, and my concentration is off, but that's improving, too. I'm still not eating enough according to the program I'm using, and I think I'm going to add a bit more carbs between meals.

I think I also an exercise spike. I had a real workout on Thursday (I still feel it) and the BG shot up to 191. I'd taken care to eat dinner beforehand, and I had some when I got home, and in an hour it went down.

Is there any way to prevent that, or deal with it? Or will things settle down once I get under control?

Anyway, from what I can see, there's steady improvement, and that's what I should be seeing.

I do have a couple of challenges - tonight, we're celebrating our wedding anniversary by taking our immediate family and some friends to a nice restaurant - a dairy one. I'm pretty much figuring that if I have the cream of garlic soup (it's about as yum as it sounds), I can't have a cappuchino after. I also figure I'll find some way to get rid of the extra food before I start eating. Anyway, they have interesting fish and salads, and I can live without the sushi. But I'll miss their peppered fruit compote with vanilla ice cream. Also as yum as it sounds.

Tomorrow will be harder. We're going to a wedding. That means a smorgesbord before the ceremony and a sit-down dinner (with total strangers - no way is this mixed seating) after. The smorg will be at what I'm trying to establish as my normal dinnertime. And the dinner - well, the smorg will be healthier. But sitting and not eating looks awful and wastes food. Any ideas on how to handle that?


Hm. For the smorgasboard? That would be easy. A plate full of raw veggies looks like food.

I think I would take a bight or two of the dinner. And refuse the couses you are not interested in? have the salad, skip the rolls and entre, get the coffee?

I think it really depends on what they are serving. Of course, I'm betting that in this all female group, if you mention that you are currently having "medical issues with your blood sugar" they will probably not think anything negative of you not eating. I mean, you don't want to talk about it, but "I can't eat for medical reasons, it's nothing major" might get you off the hook.

Baruch Hashem for steady improvement! May Hashem continue to help!

Don't live without the Sushi - the vinegar that is used to dress the rice slows the assimilation of starch giving it a lower glycemic index than you'd think. The cream of garlic soup should probably get the cut - cream soups tend to start out with a white-flour roux.

Best wishes for continued improvement!