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Although our civil calendar anniversary was March 10, our Hebrew calender anniversary was 24 Adar, which this year translates to March 24. Both days were Fridays, so we had our celebration last night.

We had a small party in a dairy restaurant called "Bermuda." As it happens, that's where we went for our honeymoon. We'd forgotten until late in the dinner.

It was us, my mom and her boyfriend, his parents, his brother and his fiancee, plus her daughter. Also, two couples from our synagogue andzsero. We'd invited my older brother but he couldn't make it. And one of the couples brought their 2 year old daughter.

Thirteen adults, two little girls. It was lovely. The food was good - I very much enjoyed the cream of garlic soup (of which I ate half and gave the rest to my husband), the salad we shared and the fish over steamed vegetables, half of which was my lunch today. We had attentive if iffy service (the cream for my mom's coffee was less than fresh, but they replaced them both immediately.)

It was a good mix of people - lots of conversation and moving around the table. To make it all better, it even cost us less than we'd thought.

We also got some presents - my folks gave me a laundry basket with bath and kitchen towels, and an apron, plus a large saute pan, and a porcelain bell with "15th Anniversary" on it. One of the couples gave us a rosewood and silver napkin holder - a bit much for napkins, but just right for holding bentchers (booklets for the grace after meals.) And the best one - my in-laws gave me a stunning crystal bowl - simple, elegant with lines radiating from the center. No extra decorations or ornamentations. Just. Lines. Stunning.

It's always advisable to wash one's hands before testing one's blood. It's even more so after one eats a tangerine. My first test was 239. And I noticed my finger tasted like orange. (What do you think I do with my finger once I jab it?) I washed my hands, as I should have, and retested and it was 122.

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