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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It's been about two weeks.

I'm so tired of being hungry all the time. I can't think, I can't concentrate, I get upset easily and I feel awful.

Someone please tell me it gets better.

Edit: Yeah, okay. I ate later than I should have and I was upset for other reasons. Brain finally registered that there is food in tummy. I'm good for the next hour or so. But I'm getting very tired of this.


You definitely need to eat more, sweetie. That brain needs food!

Otherwise, I don't know enough to have good advice. But here's a hug anyway.

Hugs back. I'm trying, but it makes my BG go up. And there's the whole calorie thing. And I'm really not trying to eat less than I should. It's just hard - they want fruit and milk and while fruit isn't bad per se, it makes my blood sugar jump, and I don't do milk.

I can check with my young friends who are diabetic and ask what they use for snacks. After all, they are kids. If it can satify a kid, should be enough to keep a grownup going.

Just remember - your young friends probably have Type I. I have Type II, and it's still not under control. Remember, I don't take insulin, only meds.

The rules are not completely different, but there are differences.

When I had the hunger problem when I first went on a low-sugar diet for PCOS, the dietician told me to eat more vegetables and more soluble fiber, and I would get less hungry between meals. So every day for three months (between endocrinologist appointments), I has a huge salad with a small wholegrain roll, and an Odwalla bar for midafternoon snack. Brekfast was toast or cereal; dinner was simply a smaller portion of the usual. Results were very good.

If I could motivate myself to eat salad without a huge expensive salad bar, I'd probably be doing that now, too.

Salad is easy - I just get a bag. Since I like it without dressing, I can nosh it with my fingers.

It's not the low sugar. It's the low calories. And the never feeling full.

I don't know how much you are drinking. When I was on a controlled diet, I upped my intake of liquids: water, tea, etc. It helped somewhat with keeping my stomach believing that there was more inside and helped me not feel quite so hungry all the time.

I don't know the rules about diabetes and blood sugar, but maybe drinking more liquids would help?

Otherwise, I can promise you from my experience with my recent change in eating habits that the constant feeling of hunger and wanting more does ease up. It really does.

Are you getting enough proteins? They help you feel full longer. And enough water?