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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It's not that I'm dumb.

It's that time management is a problem with me, and I woke up late, and I *have* to eat breakfast now, even if there is no time, so I can't just rush out the door and maybe get a bagel or a protein bar or just wait until lunch. So, I showered and was late and had breakfast and was late, and I had to take a cab to work (which meant I was only a couple of minutes late instead of a half hour) and while I too my lunch and my testing kit, and even my metformin in case I had dinner out instead of in, I forgot my lancet device.

And, yes, theoretically, one can use the lancets all by themselves, especially the very sharp One Touch Ultra ones, and before they had the springloaded devices, people had to do all the work themselves anyway. But I tried and I got nothing - a tiny red spot that wouldn't help anything.

There's a drugstore with very nice people a few doors down, so I went there, but they only had one springloaded device, and my lancets didn't fit.

I'll try again later with the plain lancet, but right now, it's all record keeping,and while I hate not having the records, it's only two prickings. If I were type I, or even prone to hypoglycemia because of the metformin, I'd have purchased the new device and lancets to fit and that would be that. And I'll make sure I pack everything from now on.


This is a fairly new routine, and it takes time. You'll get it down.

Just a couple things I learned from poking other people's fingers:

(you probably know these, but...)

1. find a soft part of a finger--some people who are active have callus.
2. Make sure the finger is warm. If it's cold, place hands in warm water. Cold fingers are really difficult to get blood from.
3. Squeeze the finger from the base to the tip. This helps warm the finger and helps squeeze blood into the capillaries, and squeezing before poking hurts less.
4. If you have a friend who's not squeamish, or a mirror, and it's an emergency, earlobes hurt a lot less, and bleed easier.
5. clean needle swabbed with alcohol and air-dried works in emergencies, too, but the danger is in stabbing too deep. A sharp knife point works better, I hear, because you're less likely to stab deeply.

Hope these help