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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Wilson's not going to be sleeping on that couch much longer, is he?

You know. Holmes and Watson lived together, too, after Watson's marriage ended. Wilson's never moving out. He might as well start sharing House's bed *now*.

And the maid? Is also going to be around. Just like Mrs. Hudson.

You know. A marriage. One without cheating or murder attempts. A real one.

I LOVE this series.


Wilson's never moving out. He might as well start sharing House's bed *now*.

I can think of little that would make me a happier fangirl, really. *g*

I did love the way that final scene seemed designed to offer a counterpoint to the broken marriage of the Patient of the Week. House and Wilson may not have a terribly healthy relationship, but what they have is solid.

::happy fangirl::

Two broken marriages, and House claiming that marriages are always broken.

But theirs...well, no wonder Wilson can't stay married to his wives. He's already taken. He just didn't realize it.

I'm going to have to ask if that realtor was ethical (although I think it was the landlord, not the realtor.)

You mean the thing about the bidding war for the apartment? I don't know if it's ethical, but I do know it happens all the time. My boyfriend got his place during something like that - offered a bit more a month and was willing to sign a longer lease.

I love it SO MUCH! I was all set to be kind of cranky about the message that a happy, sexy marriage must be falling apart, and then they gave me this!!


And how long have they known each other? I get the feeling House has known Wilson at *least* as long as he knew Stacy.

Long term. Marriage. Just needs sex.

Various evidence indicates that he's known House since before the leg, or at the very least since before he and Stacy broke up.


*blink* Holmes and Watson lived together? I did not know that. Um. Please, House writers, be as Holmes-y as you like. Really.

Actually, that's how they met - they moved in together. No lie ;).

Oh, yes.

And, you know. Holmes was a drug addict and played the violin...

Although it was Watson who had the bad leg.

I seriously am beginning to wonder if they're building up to something slashy. As unlikely as I know the possibility is, they keep encouraging me!