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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Interesting Readings plus, um. an Ooops.

This morning, my BG reading was so low that I tested the meter - 101. Last night, I'd had a largish and protein heavy meal - and I actually felt *full*. It was lovely. The two hour reading was 168, which was on the high side, and I'd expected that. I didn't expect to be that low this morning. Dinner was a large burger plus bun, egg drop soup and Israeli salad. This would have been a big dinner prediet.

Post breakfast was 129, very much the lowest it's been, and I ate the same breakfast I have been eating since the beginning. Prelunch was 105!

Something seems to be working. We'll see post lunch.

Oops was...um. I left my wallet on the bus. I had it on the bus - someone came in looking for change and I went through mine. I thought I'd put it back in my purse and I certainly thought no more about it until I got off, and went to check if I had my testing kit. Which I did. But no wallet. I've turned my purse upside down and checked my coat pockets and even the bag holding my lunch and there's nowhere else it could be.

I called the MTA but they said no one had it. I need to call cancel the cards but I can't do that until I reach jonbaker and he's been out of touch.

Go you!

Great news about the BG!!! Here's hoping it keeps up!

Yay glucose levels! Boo wallet!

Hope things go well for the rest of the day.