Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Interesting Readings plus, um. an Ooops.

This morning, my BG reading was so low that I tested the meter - 101. Last night, I'd had a largish and protein heavy meal - and I actually felt *full*. It was lovely. The two hour reading was 168, which was on the high side, and I'd expected that. I didn't expect to be that low this morning. Dinner was a large burger plus bun, egg drop soup and Israeli salad. This would have been a big dinner prediet.

Post breakfast was 129, very much the lowest it's been, and I ate the same breakfast I have been eating since the beginning. Prelunch was 105!

Something seems to be working. We'll see post lunch.

Oops I left my wallet on the bus. I had it on the bus - someone came in looking for change and I went through mine. I thought I'd put it back in my purse and I certainly thought no more about it until I got off, and went to check if I had my testing kit. Which I did. But no wallet. I've turned my purse upside down and checked my coat pockets and even the bag holding my lunch and there's nowhere else it could be.

I called the MTA but they said no one had it. I need to call cancel the cards but I can't do that until I reach jonbaker and he's been out of touch.

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