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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Wallet stuff

Credit cards cancelled. New driver's licence ordered (thank you, American Express.)

Need to check if I have my social security card anywhere. Need to get money to pay cleaner tomorrow - have to ask jonathan to get the cash. Need to buy new wallet.

Need to contact triple A.

Grateful that local supermarket will take my checks.


Eep! Good luck getting everything else together.

I've done it before. I'll manage.

Have you found out whether or not your SS card was in the wallet? If it is, may I suggest you call one of the credit tracking companies to put a flag on your credit report (contacting one, by law, means they have to then contact the other two)? With your SS card and you ID, it will be very, very easy for someone to open all sorts of stuff in your name and really screw up your credit. If you have them put a flag on your credit report means that you are notifying that you are in a situation that makes you a likely victim of identity theft. Any new accounts, then, opened in your name will then be triple checked. It doesn't make it impossible to get morecredit, it just makes it more difficult and therefore much more likely that someone who isn't you won't be able to charge up a bunch of debts in your name.
Sorry that you had this happen. No fun!

I'll have to check. It could be in an old dayplanner.

However, I did tell my credit card company this, and they said they'd be flagging my account.