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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
American Idol

So I wasn't wrong - and Simon concurred, Katharine did NOT perform up to her usual standards last night. I was shocked, though, to see that Bucky (yes, I like Bucky, but still) got more votes.

As for Lisa - she's a lovely, poised, talented young lady. She needs to grow up into herself, I think.

And I was truly touched by seeing the others line up behind her (okay, Paris' tears were - I was going to say a bit much, but then I remembered that Paris is also a teenager and she's probably become fairly close with Lisa . Still.)

And Katharine will have to improve. Bucky's gone next week, though.


Yeah, I think Paris is now the only kid left in the competition, so all of her schoolmates are gone. I think Lisa's problem is that she didn't catch people's interest--TWoP constantly refers to her previous lives and how old she seemed to be, and I think what they meant was that it was hard to figure out who she really was, as opposed to the consummate performer who's obviously spent every minute of her life on stage, so people didn't have any interest in her. Which is kind of too bad--I'd rather pay attention to the music than the person, but ultimately, Lisa didn't bring a lot into her performances because all she's done is perform.