Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Knit not, pearl not

This show is too much of a soap opera for the plots of individual eps to matter, but. Vows of celibacy? Knitting (and no kidding, Meredith can't knit. I don't know how she produced anything, good or bad, since I never saw yarn go from one huge clunky needle to the other. Izzy, otoh, can.) And after that vet...yeah. Vows? Right.

But Thatcher and the Chief? That was good. The sister? Also good. Oh, and for the record - my mother was 22 when she got married. I was expecting the sister to be 19 or 20. 21 or 22 - not such a weird age. And she didn't look that young, either.

The Chief rocking the stitches - very cool. Bailey, Sheppard and the spelling kid - that was beautifully done by all three of them. Izzy and Denny - okay, fine. Adorable.

And then we get Callie and George. And, yeah - I love that George "stops her world", although the fact that she's sort of squatting in the hospital? Not so much. (I also loved how Christina got Burke to toss George out.)

But. Callie herself? The camera takes long, loving looks at her figure in form-fitting scrubs. They mean us to see her as she is - a gorgeous, sexy woman. That she's also twice Meredith's size? Part of the reason *why*. There's no "such a pretty face" here. There's no "she'd be beautiful *if*..." And it's not that Meredith and Izzy aren't lovely women, it's that so is Callie. No apologies.

And here's the other thing - I don't think she could do her job if she were smaller. She's setting bones. That takes physical strength and leverage, which is why she sits on the table and pulls. And that's also quite gorgeous.

(Oh - and I'd missed part of it, so I watched the tape afterwards. And since Meredith was "knitting", I pulled out mine. Because, you know. Had to. And I'm rather proud. My mom, the knitting machine, the woman who always knits on guage, pronounced my knitting "good." Yay!)

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