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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Police just called

Someone just gave them my wallet.

So I guess it fell out on my way to the subway.

I'll have a drivers license again. And a wallet again. Which means I can get an atm card again.

And if my ss card was there, I'll get that back, too.

As for the rest - well, these things happen.

I liked that wallet. I bought it after the one before had been stolen, and it worked well.

Current Mood: relieved

Excellent news!

(I'm just sorry you had to go through all that panic first)

Wasn't actually panic.

But it was strange not having money or id.


Yay for things being returned!

Yay for getting back your wallet and at least some of the contents (which are a real PITA to replace)!

I'm glad you got your wallet back.

I'm so glad someone turned it in! Shows there are still some good people walking about.

News tonight

MamaDeb, are you and your husband alright?

They keep teasing the news about the fighting going on in "Brooklyn" without saying *where* in Brooklyn! It's not here in Williamsburg.

Oh, Borough Park! Finally! It started with the police pulling over an eldery man for talking on his cell phone while driving.

Re: News tonight

We are boring people who are rarely out later than ten pm and do not get involved in riots. :)

We're also rather upset about this. From what I've pieced together, Mr. Schick had been standing outside his double parked car (and double parking is, sadly, the norm for Boro Park) and talking on his cell. For some reason I have yet to determine, the police approached him to arrest him. This is a 75-year-old pillar of the community during his busiest time of year. He resisted, or didn't hear or something, and they treated him roughly in full view of a busy street.

And this community, who are suspicious of the police anyway (I think they're mentally still in their grandparent's shtetl) reacted badly to the sight, and moved to protect him.

I'd like a bit more facts, though.

Re: News tonight

The papers report stuff on both sides- some say the police were not rough, others that they went too far.

Mostly the reports I saw say Mr. Schick was in his car stopped at a red light when they saw him on his cell phone. The cops had been called for a robbery report and were dealing with that first. When they was called off the robbery investigation, they went back to the intersection, Mr. Schick was still on the phone and stopped at the light despite the fact the light was turned green.

Hokay, first, if he was not *driving*, but stopped while using his phone, the cops shouldn't have bothered him. But if he was stopped at the light when it was green or double parked, then they might have a right. According to reports, they asked for ID and license, but Mr. Schick refused to give them to the cops.

So, who knows? I wasn't there. But people's reactions were too extreme. I think the cops kept their cool with only three arrests, this with a few cops injuried.

Well, hurray for that, at least!