Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Okay,snow distraction over

Although, whoa. It's sticking to the cars and the trees and the awnings and it's just still going on.

Unfortunately, the day didn't begin as well.

I had to wake jonbaker up, which is okay because he's been sleeping poorly and this meant he had a full night. I wouldn't have woken him at all, but he had an early doctor's appointment (he had to change his blood pressure meds, and they're checking on that). But it took me a while to get started. And then it turns out we had no hot water in our hot water urn - we've discovered that hot water urns keep water to the perfect temperature for making stove-top drip coffee. So we get "instant" coffee with real coffee. So he had to boil the water. Also okay.

But I was running late. And I couldn't find half the clothes I wanted to wear. And I had to eat that darn breakfast I have to eat. And then I tested my blood (118, which is pretty good given that I'd splurged on a sugarfree ice cream cone last night. 190 cal, 24 carbs. NOT free. But *so* worth it - I felt immediately better for having it.) and realized I was down to one test strip. I had a whole new box of test strips, still sitting in the pharmacy bag next to a box of lancets. I hadn't opened the bag since my husband, who'd picked it up already sealed, gave it to me. So. New box of One-Touch Ultra strips. New box of...drugstore brand lancets. For *ample* blood samples. I opened the box - yeah, they'd fit on my device. But the ample scared me. I took one out and took off the cap and it's *huge*. At least three times the size of the OTU lancet points.

And I lost it. I'm not angry at Jonathan - he had no more reason to check the bag than I had. And I have plenty of OTU lancets because I'm not great at changing them. Yeah, yeah, I know. So it's not an emergency, but. If someone is getting OTU test strips, then isn't it logical to assume they want OTU lancets? Or a drugstore version of *them*? What it is is annoying. Anyway, he tried to convince me it would be fine ("Just try one!") but he took the box and bag and he'll yell at them for me. He says they'll say they don't have, but as it's NOT an emergency, they can certainly order them. Also, that's ridiculous.

Meanwhile, I have to take one vial with a single test strip and one full vial to work because there's a code and the code on the new vial is different. Also annoying.

And I'm getting later and thinking, "Okay, I'll get some cash from Jonathan and take a cab." Except he doesn't have cash. And I still have no way of getting cash since I work during banking hours. It's a strange feeling. I have my licence back, so I have ID, and I have my platinum card, and I probably could get cash with that, but I'm still paying off a convention. And I have a dollar bill. And I'm upset that I didn't ask him to get cash last night. And breakfast is very hasty fruit over cottage cheese because I'm not allowed to skip breakfast, and then I rush to get dressed and I never really drink my coffee.

I have a wait for the bus and a wait for the train and I get to work late.

And that's when things start to get better.

First, my bosses aren't there. Which means I wasn't late. And then one boss calls and asks if he can bring me a cup of coffee. I get all my work done by 10:30. I ask and get Tuesday and Wednesday off next week. I'm coming in on Monday, though, because he needs me and I can manage that.

Oh, and it's snowing. Which has created dangerous driving conditions but oh, is it *pretty*!

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