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Gacked from otherdeb - this was fun

LJ Interests meme results

  1. concertino:
    It's a filk convention, run by people I consider friends. It's sister to Contata and Conterpoint, the other Permanent Floating Northeast Filk cons - it's the Boston one.
  2. dorothy sayers:
    One of the finest mystery writers ever. It's not just the mysteries themselves - it's the characters, both her recurring ones of Lord Peter Wimsy, Harriet Vane and Bunter, and her occaisional ones. She also gives a sense of time and place that make her stories - written and set in the 1920s and 1930s - come alive.
  3. filk:
    The folk music of the science fiction community. It's song parodies and original songs, and parodies of both. It's sung in a circle in hotel conference rooms and in living rooms and on concert stages. It's about books and tv and movies and cats. And it's a community in and of itself - one open enough that even I can be a part.
  4. harry potter:
    He's a young man carrying scars both inside and out, and the fate of his society rests on his shoulders. He's brave and honorable and as loving as his upbringing will allow, he's self-centered and prone to fits of depression, and his life has been a nightmare.
  5. judaism:
    It's what I eat and what I wear and how I spend my days. It's my relationship with my husband and my family and the world. It's the life I believe HaShem ordained for me, and it's the cornerstone of everything for me.
  6. modest clothing:
    Tzniut is one of the items that defines an Orthodox Jewish woman. My clothing covers me to the degree and in the manner accepted by my religion, but I don't allow that to prevent from expressing my own personal style.
  7. reading:
    Print. Words. The act of learning the meaning of the words written by others. It's books and magazines, captions on tv, pixels on a computer screen, stories stored in a pda. It's an addiction I feed all the time.
  8. smoffing:
    Secret Masters of Fandom, of which I am not one. But I have run con suites and I did run a filk convention. And when we get together with our committee and talk about the con, that's smoffing.
  9. terry pratchett:
    Funny, funny British fantasy writer, and a lovely person. Most of his novels take place on Discworld, where stories come to life. At this point, Discworld is so...real and dense with history that he can find stories forever. Sometimes they make you laugh, sometimes they make you cry, and sometimes it's both. I personally love Vimes.
  10. vorkosigan:
    Count Aral Vorkosigan. Countess Cordelia Vorkosigan. Lord Miles Vorkosigan. Lady Ekaterin Vorkosigan. Their children. Lord Mark Pierre Vorkosigan. Tortured by their honor and the planet and culture which they all but rule. The central figures in Lois McMaster Bujold's saga. Complex and wonderful, and everyone should read it, or at least try.

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