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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pre-pesach meal

cross-posted to kosher_cooking and food_porn

The meals before Pesach get strange as you use up odds and ends of food.

Tonight was Turkey Meatballs in Broth over Pasta

I had about a quart of homemade chicken broth in the freezer and odds and ends of pasta boxes and bags of frozen veggies, and I wanted to use them up.

I took a pound of ground turkey and mixed it with a grated clove of garlic, pepper, Italian seasonings, a handful or two of matza meal and an egg.

I thawed the chicken broth in the microwave and poured it into the pot. I added 0.5 pound of baby carrots, and chopped scallions. I also added a half a bag of frozen corn. The other frozen vegetables didn't look good. It looked a little skimpy, so I also added two cups of water. When it came to a boil, I began forming the meat mixture into tiny meatballs - about 3/4 inch in diameter - and tossing them into the soup. When the last of them was finished, I gave the pot a stir and tasted. It was a bit freezerish, so I added fresh pepper, Italian seasoning and, finally, a capful of apple cider vinegar. That did the trick.

Meanwhile, I made the pasta. I had about 1/3 box bowties, 1/6th box multicolored spirals and half a box of whole wheat macaroni. I used all the of the first two and a few handfuls of the last. And that's it.

When I serve it, I'll fill the bowls with pasta and pour the both, meatballs and veggies over it. (Well, I'll fill one bowl. Mine gets 2/3 cup of pasta. Stupid diet.)