Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Sheppard and Deathwishes

This is about Stargate:Atlantis and the character Lt. Colonel John Sheppard.

I've been reading story after story that seems to imply, or even state right out in the open, that John has a deathwish. Maybe I should read different stories. Or maybe I've missed a few eps, which I have.

But it confuses me, because I don't see it. And I've asked jonbaker, who has seen as many episodes as I have, but hasn't read any of the fanfic yet (he prefers gen SG-1). And he *is* a Fan, so he understands subtext and analyzing episodes and so on, as opposed to passive watching.

"Deathwish? No. He's just a standard Captain Kirk hero type." And, other than John's cluelessness about women (and I have my own explanation for that one.), I think he's dead on. John's just your basic Gryffindor - there are lives to be saved, you save them. There are thrills to be had, you take them. And don't waste time - if something needs to be done, do it. Worry about the consequences later.

I mean, a hero with a deathwish is fun to write about - witness Fox Mulder and Harry Potter - but I don't think John's one of them.

But I'll certainly listen to counter arguments. :)
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