Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

My carpals are tunnelling

I got into all this trouble (the diabetes thing) because I was having problems with my hands.

I just had the nerves checked. Rather cool. He taped devices that were not quite electrodes to my fingers and then took a device that resembled a taser and sent tiny shocks down my nerves. Made my fingers jump, too. Sometimes painful, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes just...there. That last was on the good arm.

He was testing nerve conductivity. My nerves in my right arm are a millisecond off for the motor nerves, and quite a bit more off for my sensory nerves. But that's all compression, and not damage. That is, I do have carpal tunnel syndrome. There is no sign of neuropathy.

Baruch HaShem.

I'm to continue to wear my brace at night. It's something called, amusingly enough, a cock-up brace, which refers to wrist position. It's not uncomfortable to sleep with. I'm to wear it for two more months and then he'll wean me off.

Otherwise, I'm to avoid repititive movements for too long a period. I'm currently knitting an hour at a time, every other day. And if it hurts, I stop. I also have exercises.

Afterwards - the numbness will be gone. The pain will be gone. I will regain the strength I've lost in my thumb.

This is such good news.

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