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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
That's not so bad

My stove and oven are clean and only want to be burned and lined.

My fridge is still in use for chometz, but that will end Saturday night, when it will also be cleaned. And most of the chometz is gone.

I just cleared my cabinets of the stuff I will not be selling - mostly raman, spaghetti and the bottles that held a small amount of soy sauce and vinegar (one to be replaced for Pesach, one afterwards.) It was surprisingly little. Everything else will be boxed up either tomorrow night or Sunday.

I have 5 lbs of machine matzah, three frozen logs of gefilte fish, 5 lbs of ground beef and a little under 16 lbs of turkey in my freezer (still in the store bags, of course.) Well, the matza isn't in the freezer, but the rest is.

I have a Passover coloring book as the afikomin present for my future niece. I also have a four oz silver cup for my own use during the seder. I have other presents for other kids, but their parents are online. :)

Sunday, I get shelf paper, ultra heavy duty aluminum foil, tape, fridge liners, oven liners and burner liners. By the end of the day, with the help of husband and cleaning person, I will have a fully lined and shiny kitchen (except the stovetop, because I need to kasher my soup pots), with changeover complete. We start eating pesadich that night (or out. I'm voting for out.)

We'll also have gone shopping to start getting the rest of the food. And I'll have the turkey in the fridge thawing for Wednesday. Monday, we get the quilts and blankets washed. Tueday, I'm off work. I'll shop in the morning for perishables. I'll make the soup, the meatballs, the vegetables for marinating and the ratatouille. And the fish. Most of which can be multi-tasked. Then I'll shop for the plates and plasticware if I hadn't already gotten them, and think about dinner that night. I'll also try to save some bread for bedikat chometz.

Next day is erev Pesach. That's turkey and dressing and fruit salads for the desserts. It's also charoset - I have a chopper for this express purpose, but I'll bet it's usable for horseradish, too. And the eggs - might as well do them then, with the soup pots unoccupied. Bake one with the turkey neck. That plus cucumber is our seder plate. It's last minute laundry. (We don't do laundry during Pesach.) While there, I'll get a nine-days candle to be our pilot light.

And, eventually - set the lights, shower, change, set the table. Set the vcrs.


Tonight, it's takeout. Chicken, israeli salad, beet salad, salt and pepper kugel.


We start eating pesadich that night (or out. I'm voting for out.)

I second the vote! :-)

My immediate family's minhag is not like yours, but when I was a kid we had seder every year with Orthodox cousins. Half the years we went to them; the other half the years, they came to us. And when that branch of the family came to us? We kashered our kitchen the way they would. *g* I remember it well...

Us and everyone else in the neighborhood.

Cleaning isn't exactly a *minhag*.

I love reading the judiana entries. They make for some fascinating reading over at wikipedia.

Oh, and I have fun parsing out all the yiddish words. ;)

I just got a brand-new range, which will only work for one year but what the heck, we needed one. ;) And I've started shifting things around in the pantry (there's too much stuff to box it all up, so I usually wind up papering over some shelves and lining others for Pesach use). Must find someplace to store my ginormous flour canister. Preferably one that does not involve going up or down stairs, since I just hauled three giant plastic bins out of the upstairs storage closet. Happily, I have precisely two small loaves of challah in the freezer (can be warmed up in the toaster oven), and I'm just going to use a Pesach pan to bake some fish for tonight. The stovetop I'll re-kasher as necessary.

It's funny how Jews of all stripes get machmir about Pesach prep. :)