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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Let those who are hungry, come and eat

Guest list change.

First night is now ten people.


It's going to be so lovely!

Also. We decided to eat out tonight.

Us and the rest of Flatbush, all of whom were in the same place we were. It took longer to get the food than to eat it, and, my goodness, the NOISE.

I'm cooking dinner tomorrow night. I am. Trout. And. And. And. Spinach. And, well, potatoes because what else is there?


We ate out tonight, too, although admittedly not at the kosher restaurant. There were a lot of suspiciously Jewish-looking people at our local sushi joint, though. :)

There's a fish store across the street from my pakua school.

They're selling - I'm not kidding - kfp sushi.

I'm terrified to find out what exactly they mean, because they're clearly NOT Sephardic.

*blink* My husband and I were joking about this the other day -- we figure you could probably wrap a roll in a soaked and drained sheet of matzah, and seaweed and fish are no problem, but getting non-rice vinegar to taste right would be a challenge.

Seriously, though -- are they maybe having just sashimi or chirashi (fish chunks, mostly) served over quinoa or something?

I suspect the local Chinese and pizza places were also packed with similar looking folks. :)

And, well, potatoes because what else is there?

Rutebagas! Lower glycemic index than potatoes, more flavorful, and they mash up well.

Now what is that marvelous med you are on? I need to "ask my doctor if it's right for me."

Yeah, but will my husband eat them?

Glucophage - or the generic equivalent I can't pronounce. And being way careful about the carbs.

10 guests! That's so impressive!