Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


(Yet another Pesach update)
Kitchen is finished. I cleverly managed to cover the top of my stove with one sheet of foil.

Chicken soup is cooking. Gefilte fish water is heating. The eggplant is being salted. When the GF water boils, I'll add the three frozen logs. I'll start chopping and cooking the onions and the zucchini, and then rinse and add the eggplant, some garlic and tomato sauce. This will be a side dish tomorrow night, and my BIL's main course.

Then I'll cook the onions, mushrooms and celery for the farfel kugel. I can't add chicken broth because of BIL. Later tonight, I'll make the meatballs for Thursday night.

Tomorrow, it's eggs, turkey, asparagus, seder plate and potatoes to be mashed. I need to buy margarine, butter and pears (dessert Wednesday is baked pears topped with ginger and cinnamon, and grated bittersweet chocolate. Dessert Thursday is fruit compote with the same spices.)

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