Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Soup is souping. Fish is in fridge. Ratatouille is cooling. Tonight's sweet potato is in the oven. To be accompanied by trout and brussels sprouts.

I picked up the quilt from the laundromat and stopped by Mittelmans, which is a tiny grocery store near the laundromat. For all its lack of size, I often find things there I can't find elsewhere. For example - in neither of the larger supermarkets could I find cooking spray or cider vinegar. I found both there, as well as the margarine and butter I'd forgotten to buy earlier.

The groceries are away. I've given up on making the meatballs tonight - the ground beef will not thaw in time. It's in the fridge now, and should be thawed by morning. Which is a perfectly good time to make meatballs, especially since I'll have the turkey out.

I need to get pears. Maybe I'll have Jonathan pick them up tomorrow morning after shul. That should work. One dozen bartlett pears, I'll tell him. Or I'll meet him so we can have chometz for breakfast. Something like that.

And I'm exhausted. Or did I mention that?

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