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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

As I write - I own no chometz. None. Some of it is in my house, but it is not mine.

Meatballs are in the oven. Since I used my minichopper to chop the onions for the meatballs, I figured I might as well get the charoset out of the way, so it's done. Matzo ball mixture is chilling in the refrigerator. I'm eating lunch - an entirely healthful one of cheese, cherry tomatoes and klp potato chips. What? I need some form of carb.

I'm using the bowls I bought for serving pieces as "garbage bowls" and to hold the matzo ball mixture. I used one of my big pots to make the meatball mixture. This is one of the things Pesach is about - improvising.

To do - buy pears, cucumber, silverware and a dairy dish drainer (the old one broke last year.) After lunch. Maybe another dozen eggs.
To cook - matzo farfel, hardboiled eggs, something for the zoroa (I'm hoping htere's a neck to the turkey. Otherwise, I'm using a wing tip.), mashed potatoes and asparagus. Plus, of course, the matzo balls. I'm making the potatoes in the microwave. And the turkey. After yomtov, I heat up the soup and the eggplant.

I have two gallons of chicken soup and a gallon of ratatouille.

Two of my guests canceled - one for tonight, one for tomorrow. Health reasons. One has a sick baby, one just had a kidney procedure. May they recover completely.


Happy Pessach holidays to you and your family ^^

I own no chometz.
I read that sentence twice before I understood it. It's really funny how English and French transcribe the Hebrew alphabet differently ^^ It always makes me blink...


May they recover completely.

And may the same be said of you.

and that would be me, not logged in.

hardboiled eggs, something for the zoroa
No fish (for Miriam)?

No orange, either. Or Miriam's cup. :)

The seder is all fours anyway - and as the song goes - "Who knows four? *I* know four. Four are the Mamas."