Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


As I write - I own no chometz. None. Some of it is in my house, but it is not mine.

Meatballs are in the oven. Since I used my minichopper to chop the onions for the meatballs, I figured I might as well get the charoset out of the way, so it's done. Matzo ball mixture is chilling in the refrigerator. I'm eating lunch - an entirely healthful one of cheese, cherry tomatoes and klp potato chips. What? I need some form of carb.

I'm using the bowls I bought for serving pieces as "garbage bowls" and to hold the matzo ball mixture. I used one of my big pots to make the meatball mixture. This is one of the things Pesach is about - improvising.

To do - buy pears, cucumber, silverware and a dairy dish drainer (the old one broke last year.) After lunch. Maybe another dozen eggs.
To cook - matzo farfel, hardboiled eggs, something for the zoroa (I'm hoping htere's a neck to the turkey. Otherwise, I'm using a wing tip.), mashed potatoes and asparagus. Plus, of course, the matzo balls. I'm making the potatoes in the microwave. And the turkey. After yomtov, I heat up the soup and the eggplant.

I have two gallons of chicken soup and a gallon of ratatouille.

Two of my guests canceled - one for tonight, one for tomorrow. Health reasons. One has a sick baby, one just had a kidney procedure. May they recover completely.

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