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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Sweet of the blood

To my complete non-surprise, Pesach has been not good for my blood sugar. I ate at irregular times, often late at night and matzah, even whole wheat, is a rather dense food and it's hard to judge amounts with handmade. And there was time and opportunity to nosh - all day long, even. As for exercise - I got back from shopping at about noon on Wednesday. I next left the apartment (other than a couple of brief trips down a single flight of stairs) Sunday afternoon. I also tested and medicated badly.

I tried not to overdo things, but it's hard.

I did NOT take matzah with today's lunch. I'm going to my inlaws (on practically the same diet) tonight. And achron shel pesach meals are smaller than seder meals. Also - no guests. So, we will see.


Probably you should weigh the matzah, especially if you are using that hand-made shmurah matzah. On these middle days isn't it enough just to have some, without eating a specified amount?

I shoul weigh it, I suppose.

I don't need to eat *any* matzah during chol hamoed, and only the requirements of motzi on yom tov.

And I think I'll keep it that way.

Sounds like a plan to me. Weighing it is probably a good idea. I like the hand-made ones a great deal, but you don't really know how much you are getting and I think they are much denser than the machine-made matzot.

Sweet potato has soluble fiber...

I was just thinking how much I admired you for being able to do Pesach without eating kitniyot. :) Between my sugar issues and [TMI], I have to have a huge amount of fiber.

Plenty of non-kitniyot fiber.

Salad, green leafy vegetables. Whole wheat matzo (and most handmade shmurah is whole wheat.) Celery. Nuts. All fruits.

There's nothing to admire - it's only one week a year and I've done it for fifteen years.

Oh, lordy, there's this woman at work who was going on and on about some matzah she bought at Whole Foods that was "Whole wheat, and low sodium!" I asked her if she knew for sure if it was K for P and she said she "thought so". I was just kinda flabbergasted, she didn't believe me when I told her Pesach matzah is nothing but wheat and water, she is convinced that it all has lots of salt in it. I should bring her the box.