Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Sweet of the blood

To my complete non-surprise, Pesach has been not good for my blood sugar. I ate at irregular times, often late at night and matzah, even whole wheat, is a rather dense food and it's hard to judge amounts with handmade. And there was time and opportunity to nosh - all day long, even. As for exercise - I got back from shopping at about noon on Wednesday. I next left the apartment (other than a couple of brief trips down a single flight of stairs) Sunday afternoon. I also tested and medicated badly.

I tried not to overdo things, but it's hard.

I did NOT take matzah with today's lunch. I'm going to my inlaws (on practically the same diet) tonight. And achron shel pesach meals are smaller than seder meals. Also - no guests. So, we will see.
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