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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pavlov lives

About five minutes ago, the sound of spring, AKA the ice cream truck, came upon us.

Two of the men in the office now have ice cream.

One said, "Ice cream man," got up and left as if under hypnotic suggestion. Which may well be true. The other followed him silently.

Kicker? Second man is Hungarian. Conditioning is *fast*.


I think even a Hungarian would understand "ice cream man", with all the English we are exposed to. (Not just me - just a few years ago they actually passed some legislation stating that shops had to have their signs in Hungarian next to the English, but to little avail. :P )

And if it's a Family Frost truck, he might know the sound from Hungary - they appeared right after the regime change.

AWW! I just searched Family Frost to see if they were an American company... well, no! They're from this region :D Oh, the well-cultivated sense of Americanism (whatever that may be) :P

Hey, the truck probably play the same music. There are only a few songs that go with ice cream trucks now-a-days.

But the ice cream man does send out signals inbedded in the music......

LOL It really is a reflex.

A few years ago we had this crazy ice cream man who would still come through in November, when it was forty degrees, raining buckets, and blowing gales. It was awesome.