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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Almost finished. (Done now)

The aluminum foil is off the counters and the stove. Most of the pesach stuff is put away - really,all except for the tray holding the still-burning yarzheit candle. I'm reluctant to douse it, since it was for my father. And the seder plate needs to put away.

The chometz utensils are where they belong. I haven't put away most of my chometz canned goods and such, but we're exhausted, and, honestly? I won't need any of it until next week. We can put them away after Shabbat.

Tomorrow's dinner? Curried chicken with rice and green beans. Rice! Green beans! Curry! It'll be kitniyot heaven.

I have the chicken. It's thawing. Tomorrow morning, I'll get the rice and the green beans. The curry is already back in the closet.

Of course, it'll be Shabbat again, but we'll deal.

Edited: Seder plate and tray are away. Table is back to normal. Kitchen is pretty much back to normal. Life is back to normal.


Pesach has been packed up, but we're probably going to wait for tomorrow to unpack the regular kitchen. If it weren't so late, I'd be thinking seriously about ordering in a Pizza tonight! As it is, I think I'll go out and get breakfast in the morning so the partner can go back to work. I don't have to do that until Monday.

I'm always stunned when I make it to the end, you know?

If we don't do it fast, it doesn't get done. We're just leaving some groceries for after Shabbat.

Yeah. We made it through another Pesach. Yay!

I've put everything away except the sink racks and one Pyrex pan I forgot about -- I'll deal with them in the morning, and the remaining rearranging in the pantry, and the part where I actually buy all the chometz I'm out of. :)