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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
SGA question

"Lanteans" - canon or fanon?

Modification of question.

Is the term "Lantean" canon for the current inhabitants of the City of Atlantis?


I *think* it's halfway between.

In "The Defiant One", the SupaWraith uses a word, saying: "The ***s were on the verge of defeat", etc. In the online fan transcript the word is "Atlantean", but to some of us it sounds more like "Lantean".

Kay, thanks. It's not an unreasonable term, but, you know.

Sentinel veteran. If I haven't seen it, I need it confirmed.

Also, I've seen it in in fanfic in reference to the current crop of folks living in Atlantis. The very old Wraith was referring to the Ancients. And is very old.

So, more confused now.

Are they green?


Nor are they merfolk. And not so much with the telepathic communication with fish, either.

Although a couple have an interesting relationship with the *city*.

So much, then, for finding a dead one and having the green Lantean corpse.

Mostly canon. I think there's a few times where aliens say "Lantean" and that's what it says in the website.

Most of us try to ignore it, because it's such a stupid word. I mean--they were in ANOTHER GALAXY. How could the name "Atlantis" get back to Earth for the myths and whatnot? I always go with "Atlantean," because it's much more natural, and I pretend that the current people named it that.

So I'm not the only one mildly annoyed, but if it's canon, I'll deal.

As to how the name got back to Earth - that's *easy*. The Ancients came from Earth, founded the city and then fled back to Earth, to tell their children of the beautiful city they sank under the sea.

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I didn't know that, so I need to modify the questions.

Is "Lantean" canon for the people living on Atlantis now?

I lean toward fanon but haven't rewatched the show enough to be sure. This wouldn't be a precurser to a Sentinel/SGA crossover, would it? *fails miserably at puppy dog eyes* 'Cause really, if Jim wants to hide, how much farther could he go?

HI! When did you get an lj?

No, it's just curiousity.

Um. I actually do have such a crossover fermenting.

Um. I actually do have such a crossover fermenting.

Woo Hoo!!

As for the lj, um, let's see, not quite a year, I think.

Hm. I thought Lantean was another term used for the Ancients, not the people who live there now.

But I'm new to the show, so, grain of salt and all that.