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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
There is wisdom in my friendslist, and knowledge, too.

What does one wear to an informal backyard, afternoon wedding? Other than a big straw hat?



Do people actually do that? Buy clothes they don't know where to, um, wear?

This is why I get a D in girl, I think. I *hate* buying clothes - mostly, I need to justify the time and the expense to myself, so the only reason I'd get something is if I needed it. I *wish* it were otherwise, or I wouldn't be, you know, caught short by, "Oh, God. I need to buy a second pair of *shoes*."

So, I have one or two dressy suits, some t-shirts and other strictly day-off tops, and everything else is on the "work/shul" continuum. And that's usually fine, but since I have an excuse for something new...I am taking it.