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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
There is wisdom in my friendslist, and knowledge, too.

What does one wear to an informal backyard, afternoon wedding? Other than a big straw hat?


I don't have the outfit yet. The weddding's on Labor Day - an outdoor garden afternoon affair, so black isn't appropriate at all.

I wear black high tops, as I said. Nothing else. (My other pairs of shoes are winter boots and beige canvas high tops for major fast days - I get a D in girl. Maybe a C. Also, I have a bad foot - if I don't wear shoes with serious support, I run the risk of needing a cane for a few days.)

I don't worry about coordination normally because, other than the summer, I wear black opague tights. The shoes blend in and there's no problem. But I can't do that for this.

I did find a pair of boots that I like, though, so I'm set for that. I was just panicking them because I hadn't even thought about shoes. Hat, yes, but not shoes.