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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Would these work?

Edit: or These?


If you don't mind the really, really thick soles. If you have never had Doc Martens before, they have super thick soles and they take a while to break in. Once they are broken in they are quite comfortable but before that make sure you wear nice thick socks!

Socks, huh? Maybe I should just wait to get them as a winter thing.

Because I've wanted Docs for years, and I do think I can carry them off, but maybe not these.

with a tailored, suit-ish outfit? definitely.

I'm less sure about how well they'd go with a flowery sundress sort of thing, but with a long enough skirt they'd most likely look lovely.

Or are they too white?

I was thinking ivory.


Whereas I'd say no, personally, I see those are more girly-punk (with different laces) than casual wedding. 'Course, this might be a problem of knowing too much - I used to date a punk. The idea of wearing Doc Martens with white laces makes my blood chill.

Could change the laces to match the dress...

Girly-punk, huh? Don't know if I could pull that off or not.

What about these?

I think they're lovely. It depends a little on the outfit, of course, but they're very stylish.

I'm thinking full floral skirt, about calf length, with matching top.

Those would work with something long and flowy, I think.

We're pretty informal out here in western Mass. My summer standby is these, and I wear either Doc Martens or hiking boots all winter... :-)

If only I could wear sandals...

Ah, well.

I think you could go with the Docs (but only between Memorial Day and Labor Day!), but heed what the others are saying about the breaking-in time. And the harshness of the heel area. Docs need socks (says Fox ... help, I can't stop!), and you're likely to have at least mild blisters anyway.

The ivory boots are lovely, and probably more versatile with what I think of (from what I know of you) as your style. The Docs are, as someone upthread said, sort of girly-punk. Actually they're quite the thing for the goth crowd, although wearing them in white would be quite avant garde among the goths. :-)

I think the ivory boots, then, and save the Docs, in a different color, for winter. By which time, maybe I'll have learned how to knit socks.

Besides. Avant-garde goth? Middle-aged avant-garde goth?


The first pair is nice, but the second is actually stylish and very pretty.

If it were me, I'd go for the second pair.

That seems consensus. And they are, aren't they?

I'd go for the ivory boots rather than the Docs. They seem prettier, and more versatile.

They are *so* pretty.

I may just buy them NOW. Actually, if there's a decent return policy, I should. In case they don't fit.

I like the second pair...

That does seem consensus. I like them, too.

I'll get the Docs, if I get them, in a darker color for winter.

I vote for choice #2. They're more feminine.

That's true, but I'm contrary enough to want other than femme boots under a femme outfit.

Except. Pretty. So very pretty. :) I may get a D in girl, but I still am one.

Depends on your personal style.

For Docs, you need thick socks and you need to break them in before wearing. (One trick is to wear damp socks while you tootle around your house)

They are a bit girl-punk, but that may suit what you're wearing.

The other boots, though are the kind of classic that never goes out of style and can be worn with almost anything.

See, I think girl-punk would work great with the demure, femme, garden-party outfit.

But I think I'm getting the second pair.