Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


1. The best way to get a long comment thread on LJ (if you want such a thing) is not to offer to answer any questions, but is, instead, to talk about shoes.

Which, you know, makes sense. Answer change. Shoes, however, are shoes.

2. I have houseplants. Of a sort. Sometime during the final holidays of Pesach, I happened to mention that if we had a garden, I'd grow herbs - pretty, useful and maybe I couldn't kill them. He came home on Friday bearing a small pot with five basil plants. It took a few days - first, Shabbat had to be over and then I needed to get the supplies and then I needed to actually do it - but my dining room window (southern exposure) sill now holds a long plastic box with five basil plants. If they survive the transplanting and my haphazard care, we will have basil plants for me to mutilate for stews and salads. Basil is the hardest herb for me to get in my neighborhood - parsley, dill, cilantro are all available fresh all the time, and I can often get rosemary and sometimes other herbs, but basil? Not so much.

Meanwhile, they're pretty and they smell nice.

And that led Jonathan to finally find the answer to a problem that has been worrying him forever - is it halachically permitted to grow more than one type of plant in the same pot or plot. Because there are laws about that sort of thing, but he couldnt find any reference to them in the major halachic works, which is confusing.

You know, in case we decide to plant thyme in the same box.

And it turns out (thank you, zsero) that this is one of those laws that only applies in the Land of Israel. Outside, you can mix the seeds yourself. Which is why it's not mentioned. And so, no more worries on that score.

3. I'm bored.

4. But I have coffee.

5. I've gotten over the clothes panic and the shoes panic. Now I just need to relax and not even think about makeup.

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