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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

1. Last night, in Pakua, I touched my toes. One of the 24 stretches requires us to stand with our feet double shoulderwidth apart and, with our hand in a blade, to touch the opposite foot in one smooth motion. If we can't get to our feet, we just need to get the form right.

I touched my feet last night!

2. The basil plants are starting to perk up. Maybe I haven't killed them.

3. I just downloaded Thunderbird to my office desktop. Now I don't have to log onto verizon.net to get my email. And I can leave the mail on the server until I get home anyway. I just have to remember to shut it off completely before I go home, the same as I do for Semagic and AIM. Also, I can filter my lj mail now. And read things in the right order and...yeah.


I touched my feet last night!

Mazel tov!

Thank you!

Soon, I'll be touching the floor - with my hands spread and palms parallel to the floor.

Watch me brag, then!

I tried it and couldn't do it. Then I ate some junk food. :(

Congrats on the feet!!

Thank you!

I'm pretty darn proud.

Why not just tell the office desktop to restart at the end of your day? Does it auto-login and start all three of those automagically?


Would believe it's because I never thought about doing that? It would make perfect sense. And none of them are automagic starters - I made sure of *that*.

Re: Uh

I'm firmly convinced that all Windows boxen should be rebooted regularly - the exact definition of regularly changes with the version of Windows and the exact usage pattern of the box, but the range is 1-5 days. As such, rebooting at the end of the day every day satifies the need, and is easy to remember! Otherwise, I'd have to remember things like 'every Monday, Wednesday and Friday' or 'before I leave for the weekend' - no go, I'll forget, and then have to reboot while I'm in the middle of something. So I just do it before I leave work, and that makes certain I don't leave anything running accidentally.

Re: Uh

Okay, that makes sense. We reboot our home machine at least once a week - we shut it down for the Sabbath anyway (prevents accidentally turning the screen on if we happen to need something on the computer desk.) It certainly won't hurt if I reboot this before going home at night.