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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Doctor, doctor

So. I was supposed to see my doctor and my nutritionist today. Ms. Amadi, the nutritionist, had babysitter problems, so she couldn't make it, but I did see Dr. B.

He loves me. :)

My blood sugar is good (he thinks it's fine in the range it's been.) My blood pressure is 120/80, which is just where we want it. And my weight? I've lost about 8 more pounds. And that's including Pesach - he would have been happy had I not *gained*.

And he was also pleased I touched my toes, and said I was looking better. I don't even need to see him for another three months. He's confident that by then, I might be reducing or even eliminating meds.

Plus. He *loved* the program I got for my Palm - "Diabetes Pilot". I was able to show him a week's worth of results *and* a graph and then another date and he *loved* it. "The perfect patient, " he called me.

Please bear this in mind. While he does general internal medicine and is building a practice with other specialties - a physiatrist, a dermatologist, a podiatrist, the nutritionist - and has a wide variety of adult patients with a wide variety of ills, the office does specialize in HIV. So the fact that I am not HIV positive and that all of my ills are treatable and improvable is a gift by itself, I think.

I decided to go out for lunch. You'd think that a tuna sandwich and a bowl of soup would be light and easy to manage. Apparently not. I was miserable. Too much food.

I am *not* bulimic and I do not enjoy this, but by the time I got home, after getting money and shopping for Shabbat, I realized there was only one thing I could do. It was not much - just enough to relieve the pressure, as it were. But I don't think I'll eat that much again. And a good thing, too.


Regarding too much food:

I've had the same thing happen. One of the side effects of suddenly living on a reduced quantity diet is that you simply _can't_ eat that much, even when you want to.

I liken it to my current complete lack of alcohol tolerance. It's just a weight loss side effect...

But I think there is a real reluctance to discuss, as it's a: gross, and b: the first word out of anyone's mouth is bullemia, and that's not the case.