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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I think I found the outfit.

This jacket, in the light khaki, with this skirt, in either the light khaki or the harvest green, with a melon sleeveless t underneath.


That's a lovely outfit!

Thank you!

That is a nice outfit and one that will be versatile. Have you ordered from this company before, and if so, how is the quality?

I haven't, actually, but it looks pretty enough, and the price is very reasonable, so if I wear it wonce, I've still gotten my money's worth.

Jessica London is pretty good quality. It's the top of the line of Redcat's companies. I would say Lane Bryant catalog is the middle grade, and Roamans is the bottom.

Thank you! That makes it all easier.

Those would look great on you.

Thank you! I think so, too.

In fact, I just ordered them.

so funny, because I had considered that jacket for something. I ultimately decided I was too short for it, but I did think about it for a long time. You should get pictures of you in it!

Huh. I even ordered the non-petite size because I think I look better in longer jackets.

I will certainly post pictures of me in the outfit - I now have everything on order except the hat, which I can get in my neighborhood, and the scarf I'm wearing under the hat (so I can take the hat off), which I already own.