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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I'll be over here in the rocking chair, rocking

Someone on my friendslist, one of the many college students, just said, and I paraphrase, that she sent in her paper with errors, but fortunately she has time to correct them and send it in again.

And all of you who are currently or recently college students or, possibly, professors, are nodding.

But it's making me feel, oh, so old. Because when I was first in college, in the eighties, you *typed* your papers. Sometimes, if you were ambitious and/or organized, you *retyped* them. If you made mistakes even after that, you took out a pen or a pencil and corrected them - that's why they were doublespaced. And once you handed in your papers - and that meant physically handing them to the professor *or* placing them in their physical mailbox - that was *it*.

Later on, in the later eighties, when I had access to a computer, I did word process them (using, I believe, a shareware clone of Wordstar) and print them out, although my profs weren't happy because I was using dot matrix and dot matrix was hard to read, even in the highest quality print, and you had all these perforations around the edges. So some teachers still prefered typed papers. And they *all* had to be handed in.

And...I'm intensely jealous. Just leave it at that.


One of my graduation presents (from high school) was an electric typewriter. Yeah, been there.

Although later, when I moved to a dot-matrix printer, I used the paper that had detachable perfs, and tried to get the edges reasonably smooth.

I like my multifunction unit now, thanks. Photocopy (b/w OR color!), scan, print (and a sheet feeder). It does fax, but I think I am going back to WinFax, because the incoming on the printer can't be saved as computer-openable image files.

At least we've made actual progress in ONE area.

Laser cut dot-matrix paper helped a lot.

We only have the inkjet and it's way old. Time for a new one.

I highly recommend a good all-in-one unit. It's been invaluable so far. This one is the Canon PIXMA MP780; we got it when Staples had it at something like 40% off. In fact, that sort of sale is what I'd recommend looking for; while I knew I preferred Canon, I was willing to go for HP or another brand if it had the specs I wanted, and when this was there, we jumped.

Now must learn to refill ink cartridges. (I REALLY want to re-enable our old laser printer for black-and-white printing; it's sharper and I think cheaper, but space is not, at the moment, available. Nor the money for a new drum, which it needs.)

At this point, we haven't felt the need for more than a printer - we both have access to faxes and copy machines at work (so long as we're not unreasonable about it - since I purchase the supplies at work, I almost never use those machines for myself) and we haven't felt the need for a scanner.

Also, there's space considerations. We have room for a printer.