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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Inspired by kressel's post, I decided to bake some challah. I bought yeast, high gluten flour, oil, eggs and sugar. I used a recipe in the old Spice and Spirit - the yellow paperback instead of the blue hardcover. Mostly because I could find it, except I reduced the sugar by half. I don't like sweet challahs. Also, I added a pinch of saffron to the water.

It's been rising for less than an hour and it's already *huge*, and when I jab two fingers into it, the impression stays. Do I need to add more flour?


I wouldn't add flour, no. If it's big enough, I'd punch it down and form it and let it do its second rising; yours sounds ready to go. Sometimes doughs rise fast, is all.

Afterwards, when you know if you like the way it came out or not, you might want to consider these questions.

1. How did you proof it? Did you proof it?
2. How and when did you mix in the yeast?
3. What specific kind and brand of yeast did you use? How old was it?
4. What temperature was the area where it was rising? What temperature was the water you added?
5. What's the weather like there today?

Thank you. Those will be helpful - it's a warm day, I used warmish water - yes I did proof it.

And I used rapid rise yeast. Next time, I'll mix that yeast directly in the flour.